Digital Inking Kit Bundle for Clip Studio Paint - Brush set and more!

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The FIRST Digital Inking Kit for Clip Studio Paint that contains digital versions of the same tools used by traditional inkers and a tips and techniques video (in real-time) of professional comic book inker Jimmy Reyes inking process.

If you're looking to add styleclean lines and clarity to your inked line-work and need highly reliable and easy to do techniques that have been proven, then look no further because this kit is what you have been waiting for.

What’s Inside:

  • 10 Brush set (digital versions of traditional inking tools; Crow quill, Kolinsky Brush, multi-liner, technical pen, scratch knife, spray brush, dry brush)
  • 3 Pencilled pages to practice your inking
  • 2 .clip files to work-in or start new files from a step by step tutorial
  • 1 Auto action for best quality of your printed inks
  • Full length inking process, tips and techniques video. Stream over 3.5 Hours of content in HD.
  • Plus a FREE Bonus video

What you will Learn:

  • How to install the brush set
  • How to create and customize a brush
  • How to create a new page for print
  • Jimmy's inking process and inking techniques
  • How to throw better lines 
  • How to import artwork for inking
  • How to control smooth weight varied lines
  • How to prepare your art for print
  • How to optimize your inking technique and workflow

Full length on-demand Techniques HD video:

Jimmy's inking process with a second camera angle so you can see his hand movements as he throws his inking lines. Learn how fast and how much pressure to add so that you  achieve the clean inking style you see in Jimmy's work.

FREE bonus video:

  • Jimmy's first time Inking in Clip Studio Paint
  • How I learned Clip Studio Paint in 30 days
  • Tip on Inking heavy rain
  • NEW FREE 2022 crow-quill added!

Stream over 3.5 Hours of video content plus a FREE bonus video. 

On-demand HD video makes it easy for playback.

About Jimmy

He has inked over comic book super star penciller David Finch on Power Rangers and Charlie’s Angels and has worked on such titles as Marvel Action Avengers.

*Clip Studio Paint sold separately

* all sales are final

For my FREE videos visit my YouTube Channel

follow me on twitter: @jimmyreyesart

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all files and a link to the video tutorial for streaming anytime online and a free downloadable bonus video!


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Digital Inking Kit Bundle for Clip Studio Paint - Brush set and more!

89 ratings
I want this!